Zielony Cypel holiday resort is located on the shore of lake Lubiąż, brimming with different kinds of fish. This is the second largest reservoir in Sulęcin commune. The entire shoreline is easily accessible for anglers, with angling piers or comfortable angling sites every few dozen meters (also within the bounds of Zielony Cypel). The fish of the lake include grass carp, carp, zander, pike, bream, tench and wels catfish.


The lake is leased by Lubniewice Town Hall [Urząd Miejski]. As a recreational reservoir, Lubiąż is an ideal place for those anglers who subscribe to the catch and release practice.
Angling permits are available at the holiday resort office.


The attractive location of our resort is also accentuated by the beautiful surrounding Lubuskie province forests. The woodlands abound with game, fruit and wild mushrooms (boletus, xerocomus, leccinum and chanterelles). Every year we put together special offers for mushroom picking enthusiasts and anglers.


Walking trails – total of 60.3km

The blue trail - around Lubniewsko lake - 14.0 km

Walkers are able to see interesting and picturesque areas of Lubniewice and „Uroczysko Lubniewsko” Nature and Landscape complex. The trail is relatively easy. It starts at the trail junction by Lubniewsko lake bay (red and yellow trails). Walking the blue trail we will see the town of Lubniewice itself with its numerous historic monuments and it will provide us with an opportunity to marvel at Uroczysko Lubniewsko with its extremely varied, post-glacial relief (knolls, hills, valleys and ravines), many pure springs, picturesque shoreline escarpments and the forests. Cultural landmarks along the blue trail include an early Middle Ages Slav settlement dating back to the 7th century as well as remains of an old mill.
The trail includes a beauty spot, “House on Water”
[“Domek na Wodzie”], - a sheltered viewing pier from which one may marvel at Lubniewsko lake, Uroczysko area, picturesque ravines and well as the Slav settlement or Rybakówka, which affords an opportunity to see a fish farm and damming structures. The trail ends in Lubniewice by the historic bookshop.


The red trail - Lubniewice (Town Hall) - Trzcińce-Lake Krzywe-Jarnatów-Lubniewice road- 8.9km

This trail circumnavigates Lake Lubiąż. The trail is easy. The trail is set out in such a way as to allow tourists to see the historic sites in Lubniewice and the town itself. The large majority of the trail runs amongst Lubniewice woodlands along the shoreline of Lake Lubiąż. At the halfway point, one is rewarded by a picnic spot next to small yet charming Postomsko Lake. Lake Krzywe is opposite, which drains into lake Lubiąż. The Trzcińce settlement is located along the route of the trail, with direct walking access to Lubniewice. However, one is encouraged to leave the trail and visit the “Pod Basztą” Holiday Resort with its historic fortified tower, and proceed to Lubniewice from there along the shore of Lake Lubniewice. The final section of the trail runs along a forest educational path.

Bicycle trails - total of 67.1 km

The blue trail- Osiecko–Lubniewice-Glisno-Górski Młyn-Sobieraj-Jarnatów - 21.1km

Easy trail, with more demanding sections. Runs along metalled roads but also dirt roads, in some places loose sand. This trail is suitable to both cultural and natural heritage enthusiasts. Very interesting, diverse landscape, particularly absorbing after entering the „Uroczysko Lubniewsko” Nature and Landscape complex, where it runs along deep picturesque glacial ravines and gorges and then the Lubniewsko lakeshore.


The red trail - Lubniewice (Town Hall) - -Janie Reservation-Rogi-Jarnatów - 20.2 km
Quite a difficult trail in places, running through very interesting natural sites of the commune, such as: Włodzimierz Korsak Janie Reservation, Zalew Wałdowicki (woodland reservoir), Lake Jarnatowskie. The palace in Rogi located by a delightful lake and surrounded by a beautiful park deserves a visit. In the village of Jarnatów, one may sightsee a palace with the surrounding park, a Baroque church and the Von Wald family tomb.


Yellow trail - from the red bicycle train-Rogi about 2.5 km
A trail connecting the red bicycle trail and the town of Rogi. An easy trail, running along an old railway embankment.

R-1 international bicycle trail - 9.8 km
The R-1 International Bicycle Trail passes through Lubniewice. The trail runs from Bologne by the English Channel in France, through the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland and then Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg and Moscow. In the Lubuskie province the trail leads through the following villages: Kostrzyn, Ośno Lubuskie, Sulęcin, Miechów, Jarnatów, Lubniewice, Międzyrzecz and Drezdenko.

Educational paths

A nature and woodland path of Lubniewice Forestry: Start by the walking trails junction (blue, red and yellow) on the right hand side of the route from Lubniewice to Jarnatów, next to the viaduct with the defunct Sulęcin-Rudnica railway line (dismantled in 1945). Turn left after the viaduct to find the start of the educational path with a number of information boards erected along it. On the path, right by the shore of Lake Lubiąż 2 shelters have been put up where you can rest. 


St. James’ Trail - St. James’ Way, often referred to by the Spanish name Camino de Santiago. A pilgrimage route to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain. According to tradition the remains of the apostle Saint James are buried in that cathedral. There is no one set route for the pilgrimage and the pilgrims can reach their goal by any one of the many routes. The way is marked with a St. James’ scallop shell, which is also a symbol of the pilgrims and yellow arrows. More than one thousand years old St. James’ Way is one of the most important Christian pilgrimage routes alongside routes to Rome and Jerusalem.

Planned Trails

  • Lubniewice legends trail - laid out in the form of a open air game running through all villages in the Lubniewice commune

  • Cultural traditions trail - laid out in the form of a open air game running through all villages in the Lubniewice commune

  • Nordic Walking Trail

  • Blue bicycle trail: Lubniewice-Gorzów Wlkp.

  • Yellow bicycle trail: Rogi-Kołczyn


The open air museum includes unique pieces documenting the work of beekeepers and wild-bee keepers; its history, development and contemporary situation.
The collections include: old hives, skeps, beekeeper’s and wild-bee keeper’s tools of the trade to name just a few. The permanent exposition includes a number of gums, (i.e. hives made from hollowed tree trunks, adorned with sculptures, unique forms shaped by nature with straw roofs) and a collection of Xmas cribs.



The Safari Zoo is located in Świerkocin in Witnica commune amongst picturesque surroundings near the Ujście Warty National Park. It is the first zoological garden in Poland which allows visitors to drive their own vehicles and get very close to the wild animals. Safari type zoos are a revolutionary and unique method for experiencing wild animals in captivity. There are no bars, glass windows or even moats between the visitors and animals.

Outside of the area designated as the Safari Park, the Safari Zoo includes a conventional |on foot” zoo and a fun fair, where visitors can use the carousels to their hearts’ content.


The Dinosaur Park in Nowiny Wielkie is an ideal place for a family outing.  The biggest attraction is the forest educational path with forty life size models of prehistoric reptiles, 700 meters of winding path submerged in the greenery of the woodland leads through subsequent geological periods demonstrating how life on Earth evolved.


The Boryszyn Loop ["Pętla Boryszyńska”] consists of many different objects and therefore is the most interesting area of the Miedzyrzecz Fortified Region (sometimes also called "Ostwall"). Beside Bunkers a mysterious underground world composed of railway stations, barracks, workshops, and engine rooms can be discovered.


Specially set up 1.5 h area to play paintball. The area includes various obstacles, forts creates an impression of a military training ground.